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Yellowstone National Park Postcards; 1. Yellowstone National Park (unknown) 2. Rustic Depot at Gardiner, Entrance to YNP (unknown) 3. Golden Gate (c.1930's) 4. Silver Gate and the Hoodoo's (c. 1916) 5. Gibbon Falls (unknown) 6. Old Faithful Inn (1928) 7. Lobby, Old Faithful Inn (c. 1938) 8. Stump Speaker (unknown) 9. Canyon Hotel (c. 1920's) 10. Lobby, Canyon Hotel (1915) 11. Dining Lodge and Depot (unknown) 12. Fishing Cone (unknown) 13. Yellowstone Lake and Mt. Sheridan (1934) 14. Firehole Cascade (c. 1910) 15. Tower Falls (unknown) 16. Chittenden Bridge (1928) 17. Red Pinnacle (unknown) 18. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (1940) 19. Falls of the Yellowstone from Point Lookout (1915); all unknowns are c. 1910-1940

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Yellowstone National Park Souvenir Folder

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