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Salt Lake City, Utah souvenir folder - contains drawings of various buildings with short synopsis of Utah at the end). 1. Souvenir Folder (unknown) 2. Salt Lake City (unknown) 3. Mormon Temple Square (1950) 4. Bonneville Salt Flats (1940's) 5. Main Street at Night (unknown) 6. Black Rock Beach (1940's) 7. First House Built in Utah (unknown) 8. An Interesting Corner in Temple Block (unknown) 9. Bird's Eye Portion (unknown) 10. State Capital Building and Mormon Battalion (1933) 11. Mormon Temple Square 12. Mormon Monument and Sea Gull Monument 13. Capitol Dome from Memory Park 14. Interior of Great Mormon Tabernacle 15. Mormon Tabernacle 16. Salt Beds 17. Main Street 18. Hotel Utah 19. Eagle Gate 20. Pioneer Monument (c. 1930-1950)

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Salt Lake City, Utah Souvenir Folder

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