SIRC provides an opportunity for students from across majors and disciplines, to present their research and scholarship, receive meaningful feedback, and develop scholarly community.

2018 Conference
The 15th annual Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference will be hosted by Whitworth University on April 28, 2018.

Undergraduate students from the greater Spokane area and beyond are invited to present original, faculty-advised research from any discipline. Submissions may be original work conducted as part of regular classroom activities or performed outside of class under the direction of a faculty mentor. The standard for quality at SIRC is that the research be suitable for submission to a conference within a specific discipline as determined by a faculty sponsor. Students are welcome to submit abstracts for traditional paper presentations, poster presentations, or ideas exchange (works-in-progress) sessions.

Types of Sessions at SIRC 2018

Traditional Paper Presentation
Students may submit a proposal to present a traditional research paper, which may or may not include a visual aid. This category often comprises research papers written for capstone courses or aimed at publication in academic or creative journals. Individual proposals will be combined into panels of approximately four presenters at the discretion of the SIRC Planning committee. Individual presenters are expected to deliver their research in approximately 10-12 minutes, allowing for panel discussion through an audience question and answer period at the end of the collective presentations.

Poster Presentation
Students may submit a proposal to present a research poster. Posters are self-contained visual presentations of research projects typically displayed on tables, easels, or bulletin boards. Mounting supplies will be provided at the conference. Tables will be available for free standing tri-fold poster displays.

Each wall poster may not exceed 48 inches in width. They often include introduction, literature review, methods, results, and discussion sections, but can be amended to the specific nature of the student’s research. Student poster presenters will be expected to be present to answer questions about their research during a designated 1.5-hour period in the morning or afternoon of the conference (preparing an approximately 5- to 10-minute oral explanation of your poster would be appropriate). Students are responsible for printing and setting up their posters in a timely fashion at their assigned location on the day of the conference. Morning posters must be in place by 10:00 a.m. and taken down immediately after the session. Afternoon posters may be put up over the lunch break and must be in place by 1:00 p.m.

Ideas Exchange (Works-in-Progress) Session
Students may submit a work-in-progress proposal to participate in an Ideas Exchange discussion session. These session will comprise roundtable discussions where presenters briefly (10 minutes max) discuss their current research, work in progress, theories, experimental work, new concepts, late-breaking research results, etc., and then receive feedback from other researchers, including faculty discussion leaders and other conference-goers.

Proposal Tips:

  • Abstracts should be brief (about 100 words)
  • Abstracts should be self-contained and provide a complete picture of what the research is about
  • Abstracts should be organized, including introduction, literature review, methods, results and discussion, as appropriate

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, March 11. Submitters will be notified of acceptance or rejection to the conference on or before Friday, March 30. Those accepted to present at the conference will have until Friday, April 6 to confirm their place on the schedule.

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