A Peace of My Mind: Ann Marie Byrd


Macee Baker

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Ann Marie Byrd is the Director of Development for Catholic Charities Spokane. Catholic Charities has been actively involved in the greater Spokane area since 1912; providing social services to people of all denominations in the 13 counties of Eastern Washington. The services offered by the organization are made up of 11 different programs that provide food, shelter, clothing, education, counseling and support to those in need, regardless of creed.
From the website: “Respect: We believe that each person is a child of God with innate dignity. Compassion: We believe in a ministry of love and service to those in need. Collaboration: We believe in the transformative power of partnerships among participants, colleagues, and community. Justice: We believe in ethical, honest, and equitable relationships among all people.” The Catholic Charities Mission: Catholic Charities Spokane is a network of agencies, institutions, parishes and individuals, united in Gospel spirit, who are servants to the poor, supporters for families and aides to parishes and communities in meeting the social service needs of people in eastern Washington. Interview by Macee Baker March 2012