A Peace of My Mind: Linda Hunt


Rachel Bair

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Linda Hunt, Ph.D., is a freelance writer and former Whitworth University professor of English. After her daughter passed away in a car crash while serving in Bolivia, Linda and her husband founded the Krista Foundation. The Krista Foundation gives mentoring and Service Learning Development Grants to adults in their twenties who engage in a sustained period of service. From the website: "Through our ecumenical and inter-generational community, the Krista Foundation seeks to encourage a new generation of leaders to develop a lifelong ethic of service, civic engagement and global understanding." Linda is currently starting a blog to give away marigold seeds a man gave her in a spontaneous act of generosity. Her hope is that those who receive the seeds will, in turn, share them with others and spread kindness in a hurting world. Interview by Rachel Bair May 2012