A Peace of My Mind: Marco Bicchieri


Tirrah Seely

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Marco Bicchieri is the son of Italian immigrants and a Political Science Graduate. After earning his bachelor’s degree he and his wife entered the Peace Corps and were sent to Honduras from 1987 to 1989 amidst a time of political and social revolution. After three years they were removed from their village in Honduras and relocated their family to New Orleans. There he worked towards his PhD and eventually the family moved to Ellensburg, WA where he continues to teach American and World history as well as the occasional Spanish class. Recently he has spearheaded a student club that focuses on giving back to the community in the aftermath of a raid on local low income communities where several members of the community were seized for deportation. The club led a demonstration in town and has raised money for the families affected by the deportations. Interview by Tirrah Seely

May 2012