Submissions from 2019

Maternal Health, Kathryn Markham

Healthcare Inequality, Rohini Vyas

Interfaith Education at Whitworth University, Andrew Jacob Weeks

Submissions from 2018

Racial Reconciliation in Disney Movies and Storytime: How Kids are the Future of Improved Race Relations, Hannah Howell

A Culture of Investment, Rachel Messer

Just Apply: Redifining Qualified, Courtney Murphy

Chaotic Chronology, Alexis Paperman

Do Justly, Seek Beauty, Lydia Pierson

Submissions from 2017

Arsenic Toxicity in the Spokane River, John Andrianu

BELIEF: Power of Mentorship, Emily Church

Rebuilding the Athlete: Enacting Compassion, Caitlyn Heredia

Praying in Museums: Holistic Learning at the Smithsonian, Lydia Pierson

Submissions from 2016


Glowing Fish Help Cure Cancer, Alex Hoffmann


Perception IS Reality, Lauren Noonan


The Dream Is Not yet Achieved, Elizabeth Porter