Noise-Enhanced Eversion Force Sense in Ankles With or Without Functional Instability

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Force sense impairments are associated with functional ankle instability. Stochastic resonance stimulation (SRS) may have implications for correcting these force sense deficits. The objective of this study is to determine if SRS improved force sense. The eversion force sense protocol required participants to reproduce a targeted muscle tension (10% of maximum voluntary isometric contraction). This protocol was assessed under SRS^sub on^ and SRS^sub off^ (control) conditions. During SRS^sub on^, random subsensory mechanical noise was applied to the lower leg at a customized optimal intensity for each participant. With SRS, researchers observed main effects for force sense absolute error and variable error. No other main effects or treatment-by-group interactions were found. Although SRS reduced the overall magnitude (absolute error) and variability (variable error) of force sense errors, it had no effect on the directionality (constant error). Clinically, SRS may enhance muscle tension ability, which could have treatment implications for ankle stability.