Coronavirus Conversations


Facilitated by Aaron Putzke, Professor of Biology at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, the Coronavirus Conversations are inspired by a desire to hear how people around the USA are affected by the pandemic in their jobs and personal lives. With the mandated stay-at-home orders from many state governors and travel bans at the federal level, we all feel a bit disconnected at the loss of our daily interactions with people on a daily basis – even if we don’t know them. In this series, Aaron reaches out to people he knows across the nation, inviting honest conversation about how people are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic.

Most interviews were done via Zoom meetings between people working from home, resulting in varying audio quality and occasional background sounds.


Submissions from 2020

Jacqueline vanWormer, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Whitworth University, Aaron P. Putzke

Gretchen Schock, Bee Yoga Fusion, Aaron P. Putzke

Doug Boeschen, General Manager, Boeschen Vineyards, Aaron P. Putzke

John Hughes, Director of Advance Pricing and Mutual Agreement, Internal Revenue Service, Aaron P. Putzke

Erica Salkin, Associate Professor of Communications Studies, Whitworth University, Aaron P. Putzke

Ben McFarland, Professor of Biochemistry, Seattle Pacific University, Aaron P. Putzke

Ethan Broga, partner at Empirical Wealth Management, Aaron P. Putzke

David Mitchell, World Vision, Aaron P. Putzke

Alex Hoffmann, University of Washington medical student, Aaron P. Putzke