China’s Christianity Symposium


As a Christian university, Whitworth University seeks to engage the question of how Christianity expresses itself in engagement with differing cultures, worldviews, and intellectual traditions. This symposium and accompanying exhibit responds to the historical growth and cultural exchange of Christianity, the world’s largest religion, in China, the world’s most populated country. The exhibit highlights rare documents and objects related to the missionary period of Christian exchange in China, especially during the early-modern and modern eras, and the symposium brings prominent scholars to Whitworth to confront the issue of China’s Christian reality, past and present. Each scholar shall provide an open talk centering on a topic related to the transformation of “missionary Christianity” to an indigenous “Chinese Christianity.”

Event Organizer:
Dr. Anthony E. Clark, Edward B. Lindaman Endowed Chair in History

Whitworth University, Edward B. Lindaman Endowed Chair, Whitworth Speakers & Artists, & the Daniel’s Photography Fund

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2015 China's Christianity Symposium