The Corpron Parker Papers is a collection containing textual and visual artifacts of early 20th-century Christian mission and medical work in China. The collection features a series including more than 600 correspondences in the form of letters, postcards, newsletters, and telegrams, as well as photo albums, antique bibles, and hand-painted images from the mission of Doug and Grace Corpron in Hefei, China, during the first half of the 20th century. Together these materials construct an image of an American family in China, their interactions with local culture, politics, and society, and the ways their story intertwined with those around them during their missionary service.

The Corpron Parker Papers offer a valuable scholarly resource for students, scholars, and researchers interested in missiology, Christian missions in China, Christian medical missions, Chinese history from an American missionary perspective, missionary literature, “unofficial” missionary literature, travel literature, gender dynamics in storytelling, and other topics at the intersection of Christian, American and Chinese history. Researchers are encouraged to contact Amanda Clark ( if there is interest in utilizing the Corpron Parker Papers for research projects.

This collection was generously donated by the Corpron family, in honor and memory of Whitworth’s own Dr. Pamela Corpron Parker.